We follow a set of core values


Always be learning
The idea of becoming a student for life is at the core of Vagos. Seeking the truth and staying hungry to elevate our lives, careers, and the people around us. We understand sometimes we must teach ourselves to elevate our lives above the average.


The way we do one thing is the way we do everything
Understanding the concept of consistency through facets of our life. Here at Vagos we understand that the minuscule things must be done with the same intent as the major things.


Be humble
Here at Vagos we understand we always have room to improve. No matter how good we think we are.


Attention to detail
The minute things that hide under the shadows of the “more important”. Here at Vagos we understand that from the shadows small actions done right can create empires.


Loyalty to our customers, teammates, ourselves, and these core values.


Lead by example
We can not lead if we are not willing to do the dirty work. We can not expect to lead if we have not done the work to set the highest standard. LEADING BY EXAMPLE IS THE ONLY WAY TO LEAD


Go the extra mile
We go the extra mile for our customers, teammates, and ourselves. We understand that is the way to real growth. The way to make a real impact that lasts through generations. We always over-deliver and we do so with enthusiasm. A genuine desire to do more than it is expected.


Be disciplined
We fall to the strength of our system.
Self-motivated to stay in a high level journey. We are driven to stay focused and get the job done going beyond all expectations put on us. From the big picture to the more minute details. We are reliable.


Accept responsibility
We take extreme ownership as that is the way to properly solve the issues. It puts us in control. We never shift blame to others. Nothing we are aware of is someone else’s fault.


Take initiative
We do not wait to be told to do something. If we see something that needs to be done we do it. We do not need nobody to grab our hand through life.


Build positive and fun relationships.
We live by the concept of “make a friend make a sale”. Business is ultimately build on the relationships we build with customers, teammates, industry, people etc…
We create customers for life through living these core values.


Be selfless
Give more than you take.
We always put the company and others before our personal gain. We bade our decisions on what is morally right to do. We understand that what is best for the company is best for us.


Be enthusiastic
Our enthusiasm reflects to all levels of our lives internally and externally. We are excited to help our customers, teammates, and the company. Being part of our company is a lifestyle.


We believe in the big picture, we believe in our path, collective effort, and the work that needs to be done. We believe in everything Vagos stands for. It is who we are at our core.