Uncovered: Have we stopped learning?

Uncovered: Have we stopped learning?

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Today we are discussing one of our company values. The very important company value is Always be learning.

This is a value that as men we all must adopt and adapt to best fulfill our lives. In today's world where masculinity is demonized and called toxic, real men (alpha males) must stand up. However, being a true alpha male is not something that comes simply by being born. It is something that is created through struggle, and adversity. Like a diamond is created through intense pressure so is a man build thanks to constant overcoming of challenges.


Throughout the ages since the creation of the human race we have been in constant growth, despite the several roller-coaster-like events that have been recorded throughout history. Thanks to those events, several methods of execution for how we do things have changed throughout time. One of the things that has not changed is the passing down of teachings, the knowledge of the universe. Those men who have passed down the teachings and the ones who have received them continued the cycle up until very recently. A lot of men have left their role as teachers and as permanent students of life. Leaving the development of their children to people who do not have the best interest in mind.

Therefore, becoming a student for life is one of the most important values men can adopt. Habits such as reading books every day, enlisting into programs, joining fight clubs (not the illegal ones bro, relax!). We live in the era of information, and we must select to learn from the kind that will make us alpha males as there is plenty out there.

We have committed ourselves to revolve parts of our brand around the journey of becoming an alpha male. Our society needs strong leaders. As the alpha male of a tribe guides his people so we will guide our own people and society towards a better future with the help of our commitment of becoming students of life.

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